Friday, April 17, 2015

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Friday, April 10, 2015

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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Pet Parade #bloghop for #petbloggers #cats #dogs #pets any #animals

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Healthy Lifestyle Tips of a Yogi Cat #PawNatural

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #cathealth

How does a cat keep fit and healthy? 

It's not easy. Exercise such as running, pouncing, and wrestling are necessary. When not engaged in such manly, sweat inducing (if he were human) activities, Rascal likes to relax and do a little Yoga. 

Now, cat Yoga is not nearly as easy as it looks, cats just have a natural way of making it look like it's no big deal. It requires years of stretching and toning those kitty cat muscles. When you see your cat stretched out on the couch and think, what a lazy kitty, think again. He is responsibly caring for his health. So long as he balances it out with some cardio activity.

Another very important thing for optimal cat health is, of course, nutrition. My family has been striving to eat an all natural diet and have been feeling so much better. It was perfect timing to get this awesome care package to try Only Natural Pet® cat food so our pets could benefit from natural cat food as well. 

This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet and the BlogPaws ProfessionalPet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word aboutthe NEW Feline PowerFoodTM, but Rascal and Rocco only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article.

They sent us a bunch of goodies!
Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #cathealth
Those must be for me!

#OnlyNaturalPet #healthypetfood #naturalpet #catfood #PawNatural

The first thing we fell in love with, besides this cool tote...

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #cathealth their story.

Only Natural pet founder, Marty, rescued Crinkles in 2002. With no end to health problems, and conventional methods only making matters worse, he thought- "if I'm thriving on a natural life, why wouldn't Crinkles?" The difference was night and day. And so to share the health, Only Natural Pet was founded in 2004.- Only Natural Pet, Our Story

I love a company that is compassionate and truly cares about pet health. 

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #cathealth
Well, are you going to open those treats, or what?

Available for purchase on April 1st!

Only Natural Pet Feline Powerboost Dry Cat Food #pawnatural

Natural Dry Cat Food #PawNaturalOnly Natural Pet Feline PowerFood™ dry catfood is made with rich nutrients of fresh meat, wholesome fats, and balanced calories. Kittens and adults cats will love this highly digestible diet. It is also grain, corn, wheat, oat and soy free and made with gluten-free ingredients, making it an allergy-friendly cat food.

Each piece of kibble is infused with PowerBoost™, a raw, freeze-dried blend of superfoods like green lipped mussels, sea cucumbers, probiotics and pumpkin. Only Natural Pet Feline PowerFood™ was formulated by a holistic vet and is made in the USA.

We tried the Fish and Fowl Dinner, also comes in Poultry (for indoor cats). It smelled delicious and had a nice crunch. Left us full and satisfied.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #cathealth

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #cathealth

Available for purchase exclusively on,, and on April 1st, but you can pre-order now.

We also enjoyed the canned cat food and Healthy Chews Ultimate Daily Vitamin Bites kitty treats that Only Natural Pet sent us. They were very generous and we have thoroughly enjoyed all our Only Natural Pet products.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #wetcatfood

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from a Yogi Cat #PawNatural #naturalcatfood #cattreats #catvitamins

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Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Tips for Cut Flowers with Cats

It's Spring again and the flowers are blooming!

5 Tips for Cut Flowers with #Cats #spring #flowers #pets #pethealth

It's officially spring today! Hello warmer weather, longer days, gardening and sunshine! If your planning a garden, make sure to reference How to Make a Cat's Garden before you get started.

Flowers are already beginning to bloom here on the west coast and if you've got spring fever, you'll be flinging open those doors and windows and bringing those colorful blossoms in to brighten up your home after those long, cold winter months.

Pet Parade 84

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