Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rascal bids the kids goodnight

The kids are almost asleep. I'm cuddling my two year old daughter and feeling her head becoming heavier and heavier on my arm. My son, six, is on the top bunk and I hear his breathing getting deeper and slower. Soft music is playing and the nightlight shines a warm glow about the room. I may just fall asleep myself.

Then suddenly.....

I hear meowing on the landing. I hope the kids don't hear it, but I can tell they do, as they've both become more alert. The bedroom door bursts open and Rascal comes flying in, skids across the wood floor, leaps onto the bed ladder, and hops up onto the body of my shocked son! 

For one, neither cat ever sleeps in the kids' room. Ever.
For two, couldn't he come in quietly if he was just looking for me? He had to make a grand entrance?!!  
For three, What The?!
And last, (for four), THANKS A LOT!! Now the kids are laughing and very much awake, which means I can not go to bed, or to work writing (which I hoped to do before too late).

I shake my head, calm the kids, Rascal has decided the top bunk, with a wiggly boy, is not the place for him, and so chooses to wash his face while balanced on the second wrung of the ladder. Try getting a two year old to lay down and sleep with a cat moving around practically above her head!

Okay, everyone has settled down. The cat in the room (an elephant comes to mind) is satisfied with his clean face and delicately scales the ladder back to the top bunk. He then proceeds to gracefully tight-rope-walk the outer side beam, that is until he SLIPS AND FALLS! SMACK!  

He's sliding across the wood floor, scratching with his claws, while his legs do that cartoon character move; running furiously while his body is going no-where! At some point his body catches up and he high-tails it out of the room and noisily thunders down the stairs

I feel I should give up at this point. However, I try to get the kids to completely ignore this (as if it was at all possible to miss!) and go the *$%$ to sleep! Who am I kidding?!

Finally, finally, they go to sleep. I go downstairs to get back to work on the computer and find this. Comfy??

Rascal and Rocco- Rascal bids the kids goodnight

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  1. Hehehehehehehe!! What fun you two must have at your house!! We loved hearing about the sliding cat!! To bad your Mom didn't get a picture of you!
    Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere!
    Your TX furiends,

    1. Oh yes, it's all fun and games until... well anyway, wish I could have gotten a video somehow. Hmm, maybe hidden cameras all over the house in the future? The rest of the fam might find that weird. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Love it!

      Nikita and Elvira

      Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

  2. So glad to have discovered your blog! Love hearing how your kitties are as good at making trouble as my pugs! But we love them anyway...!

    1. Yes, too cute for their own good! Thanks for stopping by!


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