Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cats' Mishaps Bring Cheer to a Heavy Heart, Dealing with loss, and a Big Surprise!

It's been a rough couple of weeks and I haven't been able to write about it until now, but we lost a very close family member recently. It was the day after she passed away and I couldn't stop tears from falling, though I was trying to function enough to make lunch for the kids.

As I stood against the kitchen counter, trying to see through my red, blurry eyes, Rascal jumped up onto the counter, sliding in his not so graceful way (he always seems to over estimate his jumps!) across the tile, and jammed his head under my hand. It had apparently been hovering in mid air holding a spatula. I switched hands and gave him some love. He must have known I needed it more than he did!

Then of course, in Rascal style, he leaned too far, his back legs slipped off the counter, there was a moment of legs and claws scrambling to find a hold, and before I could help him, he was twisting in the air and PLOP, landed flat on his back on the kitchen floor! He sped off with his wounded pride and I couldn't help smile! Even a little chuckling was in order! Thank you cat, for making me laugh when nothing was needed more!

As I said, it's now been a few weeks, there were some more moments the cats brought out a smile here and there. You may have seen some funny pics and videos on my Instagram, FB, and Twitter:

Rascal and Rocco- Cat's Mishaps Bring Cheer to a Heavy Heart

Now, I always have a water glass around, usually on the table. Throughout the day I sip from it as I walk by. I've done this every day for years! This particular day, I walked by and caught Rocco's head in my glass! I am still trying not to think about how many times this has happened before! I choose to believe it was the first time ever. Yes it was!!! 

I now use my travel water bottle more often.
Rascal and Rocco- Cat's Mishaps Bring Cheer to a Heavy Heart
This day Rascal had it out for the blinds! Apparently I did not raise them high enough and they kept touching the tip of one ear. He could take it no longer and showed them who was boss!

Then he found that it was nice to rub his head against, see following video. (I couldn't switch to camera fast enough to catch the attack, but I'm glad I got this picture)

After that I raised them up for him, but as soon as I walked away, he pounced on the string and almost broke it! There's no winning with this one.

Rascal and Rocco- Cat's Mishaps Bring Cheer to a Heavy HeartI'm so blessed to have the cats (and kids) to take my mind off the deep sadness that is otherwise overwhelming. However, as the days went by, it seemed to get worse rather than better. Especially for my husband (it was his mom that passed). The cats did their absolute best to cheer him up.

I know there's no fixing it, but desperate measures were needed to bring some cheer this past weekend. And since it so happened to be National Pet Adoption Weekend, I told a little white lie and snuck off by myself to the SPCA! I decided if the perfect dog was there it was meant to be, if not, I'd go home and not mention it.

He's been wanting a dog (yep, I said DOG) and my son is at the perfect age to start caring for one. I did not want one right now, though I do love dogs, because I knew it would be impossible to find one that fit all my requirements for a decent price. 

My Unreasonable, but hardly flexible Requirements of Dog:
I am a BIG dog lover (my last dog, and first baby, was a Rottweiler/German Shepherd Mix and he was gorgeous), but my house and yard are small-
Must be bigger than a chihuahua, but on the smaller side
Must have no relation to any Chihuahua
Great with kids
Great with cats
Not yappy!!!!!!!
Not fluffy!!!!!!!
short, but soft hair (little to no shedding)
not a digger
not a barker
not a chewer (last dog chewed every kid toy he could find, all the chair legs, and through the fence!)
not a jumper
not a drooler
no smashed face or buggy eyes (silly, yes, but I'm a BIG dog person)
not a snorter (we dog sat a few months back for this adorable pug that snored whether he was asleep or awake!)
mellow, but likes to play fetch
loving and sweet temperament

So this list basically cancels out any and all dogs you would ever find at the pound. I mean, my last dog was the love of my life, but half the things listed were a big problem and I did not want to deal with any of them again any time soon! However, something was nagging me to go look (Grandma? I think so). 

I walked in and the first dog I see... well.... lets just say there's been a lot more smiles in the house the last few days!

Rascal and Rocco- Cat's Mishaps Bring Cheer to a Heavy Heart
Meet Max

We've had him almost three days now and he's so perfect (everything on the list) that it's scary! He's three years old, a Terrier/Basenji mix (and I have always liked Basenji's!), trained, great with the kids and with the cats! He ignores them and they're already getting used to him being here.  

Rascal and Rocco- Cat's Mishaps Bring Cheer to a Heavy HeartNot that they weren't pissed! Trust me! They raised their fur, hissed and let him know he was by no means sticking around. Sorry cats. They're the same size as him, maybe a bit bigger, so I was afraid they'd gang up on him, but he shows no fear. Just stares at them and they stare right back, with a much less pleasant expression. They're spending more time on counter tops, and he's made himself right at home. Even curling up for his naps on their couch, but I didn't hear any hissing today!

Rascal and Rocco- Cat's Mishaps Bring Cheer to a Heavy HeartMy husband was totally surprised and thrilled! And my son is in seventh heaven! Every boy does need a dog and this one has had more exercise in two days than he's probably ever had! We're all much happier and completely in love with this sweet little guy. 

Welcome to the Crazy house Maximillion! 

And thank you Grandma. We love you. 


Monday, February 11, 2013

Love from the cats

Even the cat's are full of love in our house

Rascal and Rocco- Love from the Cats

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rascal bids the kids goodnight

The kids are almost asleep. I'm cuddling my two year old daughter and feeling her head becoming heavier and heavier on my arm. My son, six, is on the top bunk and I hear his breathing getting deeper and slower. Soft music is playing and the nightlight shines a warm glow about the room. I may just fall asleep myself.

Then suddenly.....

I hear meowing on the landing. I hope the kids don't hear it, but I can tell they do, as they've both become more alert. The bedroom door bursts open and Rascal comes flying in, skids across the wood floor, leaps onto the bed ladder, and hops up onto the body of my shocked son! 

For one, neither cat ever sleeps in the kids' room. Ever.
For two, couldn't he come in quietly if he was just looking for me? He had to make a grand entrance?!!  
For three, What The?!
And last, (for four), THANKS A LOT!! Now the kids are laughing and very much awake, which means I can not go to bed, or to work writing (which I hoped to do before too late).

I shake my head, calm the kids, Rascal has decided the top bunk, with a wiggly boy, is not the place for him, and so chooses to wash his face while balanced on the second wrung of the ladder. Try getting a two year old to lay down and sleep with a cat moving around practically above her head!

Okay, everyone has settled down. The cat in the room (an elephant comes to mind) is satisfied with his clean face and delicately scales the ladder back to the top bunk. He then proceeds to gracefully tight-rope-walk the outer side beam, that is until he SLIPS AND FALLS! SMACK!  

He's sliding across the wood floor, scratching with his claws, while his legs do that cartoon character move; running furiously while his body is going no-where! At some point his body catches up and he high-tails it out of the room and noisily thunders down the stairs

I feel I should give up at this point. However, I try to get the kids to completely ignore this (as if it was at all possible to miss!) and go the *$%$ to sleep! Who am I kidding?!

Finally, finally, they go to sleep. I go downstairs to get back to work on the computer and find this. Comfy??

Rascal and Rocco- Rascal bids the kids goodnight

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Friday, February 1, 2013

You WILL be bathed

Rascal likes to act tough, but it's usually his brother, Rocco, who get's his way. 

Here are my adorable cats bathing each other in the window sill. Isn't that just too sweet?

As long as Rascal obeys his brother!

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