Meet the Boys


Rascal is white with a grey splotches, somewhat of a stripe, down his back. They could both sport the name Rascal quite fittingly, but this one is just a bit more troublesome. Just a bit. He's very demanding. If he want's your attention, you have no choice but to give it. He will literally get in your way, sit in front of your face, on it if possible. He has even gone so far as to bite me (just a nip), if I am not giving him my full, undivided attention. He's cocky and thinks he's the boss, though his brother will always win when he feels up to showing him his place. He's the most curious, clumsy cat I've ever known! Oh, and sometimes I think he acts like a dog! He rolls in the dirt or in the street; he's usually outside all day. He's always covered in grime and has leaves and twigs hanging off of him. He'll go up to strangers, rub against their legs and expect to be petted. He has no shame.


It was hard to come up with a second name, but my son decided he was "Rock-o" because the black spots on his back looked like rocks. He's been Rocco ever since. He's not quite as troublesome as his brother, but he's no more graceful. He "fluffier"; okay, he's just plain fat. Which doesn't make sense since he lets his brother eat all his wet food most of the time. He's more skiddish than his bro. He won't let anyone, but family touch him. And even we can not touch his head first. He'll run if you go for that right away. You have to pet his back then work your way up to his head. He'll also run if you walk toward him. He must come to you. Really an annoying trait when I open the door and he runs, though I know he wants to come in. Sometimes it takes a few tries for him to finally come in, and I'm not going to just leave the door open! He is a big sweety, but also demanding. He'll sit on my pillow if he wants (though he takes up the whole thing!), and he'll just keep coming back if I push him off. He'll put his brother in his place when Rascal is really irritating him. Most of the time he's too lazy. He's more of a home body and likes to lay around where it's warm.

They both get into cupboards, other people's garages, knock over and fall off of just about everything. They have no manners, and jump on the table or counter when I'm trying to set out food. They rarely sleep on anyone's bed, or in the cozy cat beds they came with; they pick a spot for a week or two, as you'll see in pics I post, until they tire of it and claim a new spot as theirs. And you'll know it's theirs. Don't try putting any other stuff there! It will be on the floor before you know it!

If you don't look closely, they look like twins, but they actually have pretty different colors and markings:


  1. They are both very handsome and extremely entertaining boys. I am sure I will enjoy following their antics!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, boys. Hope it is filled with great noms and lots of new toys. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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